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My business logo

It has been a year since I met my first sweet magical friends from Ambrosius. I fell in love with them instandly. I started my Instagram account to share their adventures and to bring a little bit of magic to all of you, hoping you will all love them like I do. It has been a great year! And I want to thank all of you friends and followers for the enthusiasm and the love, likes and comments on my posts.
As you might know already The SeasonFairies And Friends has been recently registered as a business. With the blessing and support of Ambrosius Prodcom and my dear friend Nicoleta from @ecoflowerfairies I am now working on lots of beautiful things featuring my little special friends that I will hopefully be able to share with all of you this summer, when I am planning to open my webshop. Today I am very happy and excited to show you my business logo which will be unveiled by my very best friend Sprok, and Autumn fairy Maple 😊

I will post more cute little stopmotionvideos for children on You Tube soon, so don’t forget to follow our YouTube channel “The SeasonFairies And Friends”

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  1. Goed bezig Sabine, succes.
    gr. els

  2. Wauw! Een jaar al! En wat een vorderingen! Echt leuk en speciaal!😘

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