Who is Mrs.S. and who are her little friends?

One beautiful fall day I took a picture of a mushroom and I thought to myself, there should actually be a gnome with that mushroom. When I got home I started searching the internet for the gnome I pictured in my head and guess what, I found it!

It was the day I became acquainted with the Ambrosius dolls and fell in love instantly. I ordered my first three dolls and many followed. I created an Instagram account called @the-seasonfairies-and- friends and started posting pictures with small stories starring the Ambrosius dolls. Each doll developed its own character, they really came to life in the stories.

Now I can’t live without them. They are my fantasy friends, they inspire me to look more closely to the beautiful nature surrounding me. Most of the time when I am outdoors I carry one or a few friends with me in case an idea for a picture or story pops up.

In July 2020, the sole distributor of the Ambrosius dolls in America, Eco Flower Fairies, contacted me. They discovered my Instagram account and were very impressed with the photos and stories I make with the dolls. They said they want to promote awareness and a love for nature with their eco-friendly dolls, which is beautifully complemented by the stories my photos tell. They wanted to know if I was interested in collaborating with them and the manufacturer of the dolls. I was so honored, happy, and very excited!

In addition to the written stories, I now also make video stories for them, which are subtitled and recorded in multiple languages. Eco Flower Fairies has created a You Tube channel to share these videos with the world.

I love doing this job, it is such a blessing to be able to do this. It gives me energy and makes me very happy.

Hopefully my pictures and stories will bring you much joy!

If you have any questions about my work and/or the Ambrosius dolls, please send and email to: the.seasonfairies.and.friends@gmail.com

Happy greeting Mrs.S

Mrs.S and her magical little friends