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All watermarked photos below are available for purchase. There will be more photos available soon!

In addition I offer custom photos for a friendly price to fit your own scenario.

Please email me at if you are interested in purchasing any of the existing photos or would like to order custom photos.

Thank you for supporting my small business, it’s a kind of magic!

Much love, Mrs.S

Autumn walk / Price 10 euro
Foggy afternoon / Price 10 euro
Secret hiding place / Price 10 euro
The perfect fishing spot / Price 10 euro
Lets swing / Price 10 euro
Going on a holiday / Price 10 euro
A field of sunflowers / Price 10 euro
On the beach / Price 10 euro
Throwing out the fishing rod / Price 10 euro
Lets have lunch / Price 10 euro

Mrs.S and her magical little friends